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Physiotherapy & Wellness

A. Romao Physio & Wellness offers Physiotherapy Services, Therapeutic Massage and Pain Education to people in Rynfield Benoni and surrounding areas in the East Rand. Physio home visits are offered in Benoni. Billed at medical aid rates, invoices can be submitted directly to most medical aids.
Here you can get treatments for a variety of conditions such as back and neck pain or any other muskuloskeletal pain, headaches, sports injuries, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes, post-operative rehabilitation and care, as well as general stress and muscle tension.
My name is Ana-Lisa and I provide individualized treatments using a variety of techniques that I have acquired over the years, such as pain relieving massage, myofascial release, dry needling, taping, POLD Oscillations, joint mobilizations, cognitive relaxation, explain pain, active isolated stretching and functional exercise programs.

Experienced, effective and efficient. “I take great effort in helping reduce patients’ pain and improving their wellbeing in as few sessions as possible”


Ana Lisa Romao

I graduated from Wits with a BSc in Physiotherapy in 2004, completed 1 year of Community Service at Pretoria Academic Hospital, and then went to work in Private Practice at Northgate Physiotherapy Practice with Erica Wagner who taught me so much and helped shape the therapist that I am today.

In March 2007 I moved to Maputo, Mozambique, to open my own private practice, as one of the very few qualified Physiotherapist's in the country. As an adjunct I also ran a fitness studio and offered Core, Active Stretching, Oriental Dancing, Zumba and Rebounding classes.


I have completed various courses over the years including Incontinence, Advanced Dry Needling, Sacro Iliac Dysfunction, Spinal Manipulation, Explain Pain, Introduction to NLP, Functional Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Taping Techniques,and Active Isolated Stretching to name a few.

I received a Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy (MCMT) in 2010.

​In March 2017 I participated in the first POLD course in South Africa.

I love the work that I do. Being able to help people with their pain and limitations is challenging but rewarding. I cannot imagine myself doing any other type of work.

If your body is screaming in pain, a first step in releasing the pain may be making the connection between your body pain and the cause. “Beliefs are physical. A thought held long enough and repeated enough becomes a belief. The belief then becomes biology.

— Marilyn Van Derbur, Miss America By Day: Lessons Learned From Ultimate Betrayals And Unconditional Love

My Treatment Philosophy

In my practice each patient is an individual with specific needs. There are no recipes for treatments.

Each person is assessed holistically, considering the physical and emotional issues, problems and limitations.

I use education, massage therapy, cognitive relaxation and other techniques to relieve and treat pain, reduce stress and restore well-being.


We want to help in your well-being


Physiotherapy for the treatment of various muskuloskeletal conditions, chronic pain, headaches, chest physio and post-operative rehabilitation. A full evaluation is done on your first visit. Sessions are between 45-60 minutes in duration.

Home Call

For elderly, disabled, post-operative patients as well as those who are unable to “get” to the practice.
Available in the Benoni area ONLY.

Full Body Massage

De-stress and release muscle tension with a full body 60min massage

Quick Fix

Therapeutic 30min massage in one area: back and neck, legs, feet, head, face and neck, shoulders, arms and hands


Wednesdays at 18:30

Saturdays at 08:30


Annual Concert 25 Nov at 18:30

New Beginners Class starting Jan 2018


Feel free to call or leave us a message
Ana-lisa Romao
2 Davidson Street, Rynfield, Benoni, Office B103, Block B
072 254 0161